we play for tips

We Play For Tips is an extension of my album 20 Cents Per Note, recorded in quartet in 2015.
The title refers to the handwritten signs that the street musicians of New Orleans wear on their hats, asking passers-by for “tips”: an enduring memory of my musical experience in the birthplace of jazz.
In fact, throughout this album there are several references to New Orleans: a unique and fascinating city, rich with feeling and energy. This spirited project explores the roots of jazz: swing, the blues and creativity, which are the key players in this music. It is comprised of musicians of notable artistic stature, gifted with certain technical and timbral characteristics that generate a compact group sound, who also enjoy ample room for improvising, given the opportunity to shine through with their individual capabilities.
The repertoire, characterized by a great propulsive force, along with a hint of irony, is made up entirely of my own original compositions, arranged specifically for this ensemble, geared towards obtaining a robust and powerful sonic impact, similar to that of an actual full-size big band.

20 Cents Per Note
Intentional Mood
16 Minutes Of Happiness
Boobee’s Attitude
Pops’ Character
Business Of The 30s
See You Next Time (bonus Track)

Francesco Cafiso
Alto Sax and Flute
Marco Ferri
Tenor Sax and Clarinet
Sebastiano Ragusa
Baritone Sax and Bass Clarinet
Francesco Lento
Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Alessandro Presti
Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Humberto Amésquita
Mauro Schiavone
Pietro Ciancaglini
Double Bass
Adam Pache