Irene of Boston – Conversation Avec Corto Maltese

Irene of Boston – Conversation avec Corto Maltese is the new album by Francesco Cafiso, recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra. Ten original compositions by Cafiso, arranged together with Mauro Schiavone, which tell the story of the British sailing ship, Irene of Boston, in a dreamlike dimension, whose fate, after almost a century of journeys across the seas of the world, ended in the Sicilian port of Pozzallo, where for years it was only a mysterious shell corroded by time. Inspired by his experience as a member of a collective of creatives brought together with the aim of developing a project based on the Irene of Boston with the use of multiple forms of art, Cafiso intertwines dream and reality in music with broad horizons. In his imagination, the wood and brass of the wreck are transformed into the instruments of a symphony orchestra, and through this metamorphosis the ship overcomes the wear of time, waking up from a long sleep to tell the story, thanks to the magic of sound, of its adventures and the meeting with Corto Maltese, the sailor of the celebrated comic books created by Hugo Pratt.

Bouche Dorée – Apparition
Far Flow
Corto Maltese
Irene of Boston
Seasons of a Dream
Fluid Remembrance
Bouche Dorée – Disparition

Francesco Cafiso
Alto Sax, compositions and arrangements
Mauro Schiavone
Piano and arrangements
Eric Wheeler
Double bass
Marcus Gilmore
Alex Acuña
London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lee Reynolds